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Monday 20th September Part 1

25 Sep 2004, Paddy

We decided today that we would stay another day in Ayacucho as tomorrow we have arranged a guide as we are off to see some Inca ruins. After this we will make our way to Cusco.

We had breakfast at the same place as yesterday (the owner happily posed for my camera - see elsewhere in the blog I guess). This time we had meat, potatoes and some kind of corn derivative not bad but I think I preferred the chicken and noodle soup I had yesterday. The meat is a little unidentifiable best not to think about it too hard.

Over breakfast I heard some god-awful "eruo-pop" cover of The Rasmas hit "In the Shadows" on the radio. For one, I can't believe someone would cover it and two, if they did I can't believe I hear it on the radio in a tiny village at the heart of Peru. The Rasmus - where's that bottle of piss? (Link

One final thing to say about the restaurant, to-date the only toilet with an actual toilet seat I've seen in Peru is here. Maybe the next killer app is inflatable (disposable?) toilet seats. Must get the patent in.

Today we need to find the bus station to book our journey to Cusco.

Breakfast, 2nd day in Ayacucho
Paddy making "Camp" Coffee
Our favorite breakfast house, Ayacucho
Our favorite breakfast house, Ayacucho

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