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Bugger, where's the fork

07 Sep 2004, Seamus

I'd like to say that packing is going well. Okay, it's not exactly going badly, but I keep remembering things to pack. My policy of; "pack yer stuff and remove a third" isn't looking like it will work.

Normally, I plan of packing everything I think I will need, and then removing a third of it. That was my rucksack isn't overloaded and there is room to acquire stuff on the way. I've done this three times now and I can barely think of stuff to take out. It wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that my pack cannot take anymore and I still haven't put everything in. I just realised I haven't packed a fork, let alone the camping stove. I do have the Marmite, which will hopefully ward off mosquitos. Oh damn! That's something else to get, anti-malarial tablets.

It never ends.

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