Yunza festival at the Agriculture Universtiy

18 Sep 2004 Lima. People. 

A Yunza festival. Put gifts in the tree, get a band to play music, hold hands, dace around tree. Oh yes, and hack at it with a machete.

Aparantly the Yunza festival comes from the Peruvian Highlands and is used to celebrate pretty much anything you can think of. In this case, it was the 102 year of a particu,ar department at the University.

As everyone dances around the tree, everyone takes it in turns to have a few hacks at the poor thing. This can take (in our case) a good 25 minutes. When the tree finally bites the dust, there is a mad rush to grab the gifts from the tree.

Damn good fun, oh yes, lots of alcohol was involved as well ;-)

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There seems to be a recurring theme throughout the journey... every activity seems to involve beer! Maybe you should have called it Paddy and Seamus get drunk in Peru. It would have followed on nicely from the Paddy and Seamus get drunk in Europe tour with Arena!
Julian S
hey hey! Well I am in high skewl and we had to do a report on south america countries..i kno fun fun lol! And i picked Peru and my favorite part of doing the report was learning about this sounds so fun! I love it i wanna dance around a tree! WEll i gotta finish up my report so by byes!! <33
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