New Peruvian friends Diana and Hugo.

18 Sep 2004 Lima. People. 

It started as a meet up for lunch to get some tips of what to do in Lima, it turned into a day of drinking and adventure. This photo is at HUgo apartment, somehwere in Lima and I think about our 4th bottle of beer from Cusco.

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Ok, these were the initial 4 beers (620 ml each bottle), then we went to the Yunza in UNALM and the beer come us in industrial quantity !!! jejeje Saludos Seamus Ahhh, I forget it, the beer's name is CUSQUEÑA !!!
Hugo (same of the fotograph) Somewhere in Lima !!!
You forget that Seamus is a wus. Four bottles of light beer, and he's done for...
Alison Brazil A long way from Peru, but very close to nowhere
Only four bottles... I guess I am not being fair. Were they the large or small bottles? It makes quite a difference. So what happened on this adventure?
Ian Barfield England (a long way from Peru)
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