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Travel Tip: Don't fly American Airlines!

17 Sep 2004, Paddy

Flight AA57 from London HR to Miami, then onto Lima to meet Seamus. My day started with long, long queue at the AA desk terminal 3. Followed by my in flight entertainment system not working. This is even after I was moved seats at the last minute in the departure lounge because I was told the TV at my original seat was out of order. Still, there was nothing on anyway except an episode of CSI Miami I may have watched. I have my JVC Mini Note book with me and watched 2 episodes of Spooks and 3 of a show called American Gothic - staring the excellent Gary Cole. (Both shows downloaded from www.suprnova.com)

Filling the "Cities visited in the past 10 days" section of my entry visa was interesting: Tokyo, London, Paris, now Miami and soon to be Lima.

They served Pizza on the flight though - almost makes up for things.

Miami Airport is total confusion. Long time through immigration while people tried to "keep America's door open & our great nation safe". Luckily I didn't trigger any red flags or anything so I managed to avoid finger printing and having my photo put into the FBI's files. This and two wheels needed replacing on the AA plane destined for Limas thus, over four hours delay.

Finally arrived and collected my sack and out to meet Seamus at 01h05 Saturday morning. As I exit I'm stopped and told to press a red button - I'm kind of reminded of Nero in the Matrix. If the arrow turns green I'm safe - out you go, thank you and goodnight. But if the arrow turns Red and points to the right its onto a world of paint, probably. Anyway mine turns green.

The sea of faces as I exit the arrivals gate is swimming with taxi touts, locals, visitors and chancers. Within it all my buoy Seamus with his video camera collecting footage for this blog.

After fighting with the taxi people we arrive at a local Lima night spot for a few jars with a couple of local girls Seamus has befriended during the day. Then on to the hostel for a few more drinks with an American guy (girlfriend is Peruvian) and a French Canadian. Bed, then sleep.

Welcome to my world of blogging.

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Look after Seamus - I've got lots for him to do when he's finished galavanting around South America!
David Bosdet The Office. the one I share with Seamus
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