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Three day trek to beat the protests

30 Sep 2004, Seamus

With the protests growing daily, we made it high into the mountains on the first day and got lost. We were taken in by a family who fed us, and gave us a place to stay - with the chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and goats. The next day, the father lead along an old, almost forgotten Inca trail to SANTA TERESA. At times, we were ona trail a foot wide, holding onto the rock face, with a 1000 foot drop.

We arrived at nightfall, found a place to stay, put our feet up and watch in amazement as a truck full of Gringos rolled up. Tem minutes later, tents were pitched and they joined us for drinks. Where they came from, I still don't know.

The next morning, we struck out for AGUAS CALIENTES. It was meant to be four hours to the Hydro Electric power plant and then another hour to AGUAS CALIENTES. We made the power plant in two and there was no train, protesters!!

We walked along the track, over bridges, through tunnels and around many, many bends. We made AGUAS CALIENTES,broke the bank on somewhere to stay and blew-out on pizza and soup.


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OK, so am I the only one amused by the irony of your relief at having reached Aguas Calientes? You do realise you're in Hot Water now...? LOL! The more I read, the more I am convinced that I'll take the cushy tour option when I go.
Jules UK
do you get a bath?
paddys mum
I take it you are two intrepid guys reporting on the Peruvian disturbances on behalf of The Sunday Times or maybe even Reuters!

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You are both whimps. Letting girls out climb you!


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