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Saturday 25th September

26 Sep 2004, Paddy

The alarm woke us up at 05h00 this morning... this would have been from Wednesday and therefore we both must have slept through it last night - I said we were hung over...

Actually today I wake up feeling like shit - sun stroke or altitude sickness maybe... Today we have to try out the equipement for our trek. Therefore it is off out into Cusco to get noodles and stuff to "burn" on our stove at lunchtime.

As it turns out Seamus does all this and a good job he makes of it too. The Gary Rhodes of survival cooking !

Today we say goodbye to Hanneke. She is a very brave girl travelling around Peru by herself. Still, she is in good hands on her trek as the Irish couple and going with her. Maybe weŽll see her in Holand next time Arena, Pendragon, Kino or even The Urbane play overe there (promissed to send her a copy of "Glitter" for when she gets back).

In the evening we work on the site. I think I drove Seamus around the twist insisting on being able to control the order that Blog entries are displayed. Partly my fault for posting up the entries in the wrong order but even so... after about an hours woth of coding and re-tries all is find and dandy by my standards. IŽm funny about these things you know...

Cooking on Gar again this evening. Must then pack all the teck away - Laptops, iPods etc. - these can stay locked away in the hostel.

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