Long live the revolution!Sunday 26th SeptemberNothing to do but watch the peoples revolution
Escape from Quillabamba !Three day trek to beat the protests

Nothing to do but watch the peoples revolution

28 Sep 2004, Paddy

Today we do absolutely nothing all day except hide in the hotel room watching Fox & Hallmark. Here is why...

We get up early. Seamus says something about some volcanoes we can go and see. Sounds good.

Then matey-boy from yesterday rings up - he is in the hotel reception. He informs us that the protests are still going on and that today we are going no place. To top it all neither Seamus or I have any money and it turns out that all the banks are blockaded by protesters ! What the F**k is happening around here ??

We watched a good pilot for an American TV show called John Doe - seemed to be about a man who wakes up with no memory of who he is etc. but he know everything - omnipotent. As far as I have been able to find on the net it bombed last season and was canned.

We cooked some noodles and things on our burner - on the bathroom floor :-))) Saw a dreadful "chick flick" staring Andrew McCarthy (St Elmo´s Fire, Mannequin, Pretty in Pink etc.) called "Straight from the Heart" - avoid.

In the evening we do find a cafe that is open and manage to access the cash point machines - the protest has died down slightly.

And basically that was our day. Tomorrow we will walk the f**k out of this town.

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