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Lima to Ayacucho

19 Sep 2004, Paddy

Last evening bus journey was quite something. Looking out the window I begin to get a feel for the real Peru. Lima could have been any South American city but now I'm really getting into the mood. In fact I'm beginning to think that this trip to Peru is one of the better collaborative ideas Seamus and I have had. Right up there with going to University together and me dragging Seamus out on tour with Arena last year.

We arrived at the coach station at around 7h30 and after Seamus squabbled with a taxi diver for a few moments we soon found our way to the hotel we had plan to stay in - not the one the taxi driver wanted us to stay in.

Note: Taxi drivers in Peru seem to be affiliated with specific hotels and try to persuade their passengers that it would be better, safer etc. if they stayed there.

We spent the morning looking around markets and things as we can't actually check into the hotel until 13h00. They sell some strange things - broken TVs with the CRTs smashed, Calculators with wires hanging out, dirty looking typewriters, Snake skins, Tortoise shells. Later we stumble into some kind of flag day calibrations in the main squire.

To our concern we find my camera won't connect to either of our mini PCs so we have to find an internet connection asap to download a driver so we can upload them to this site. Success, we find a café that is happy for us to pull their caballing apart and connect our own machines to their networks.

Evening meal is had at what translates to "Chicken Paradise El Nino". Quite nice we'll come back tomorrow.

One thing we have noticed is that Ayacucho looks like India - except the churches are different.

Bus from Lima to Ayacucho. Yes, we are plaing BINGO!
Breakfast. Chicken, egg and noodles in broth.
Mate de Coca (herbal tea made from leaves of the Coca plant)
Outside general market, Ayacucho
Flower market, Ayacucho

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As I was reading your coments about Ayacuho I noticed you had good time,just one thing you must be wrong in the name of the pant for the tea is not cocoa ,it is coca and the name of the herbal tea is "mate de coca"
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