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Life on a limb up a mountain to Santa Terrasa

01 Oct 2004, Paddy

Up at 0600 & the girls have already gone to school - remember, this family live way way up on the side of a very steep mountain. What Seamus and I did yesterday these girls do twice a day to and from school !!!

Anyway, 06h00 and we are given coffee and boiled Yam. The old woman of the family (obviously the brains) tells us that for Sol/30 the father will guide us to San Terrasa - Yes please !

We divide up our packs into three, have another massive breakfast and then head off directly up the mountain. This part involved something akin to rock climbing. No way should Seamus and I be doing his - for the farther of course it is a piece of piss. At some point he tells us that we are actually on a part of the Inca Trail - basically a very thin stone staircase going up the mountain with at least a 1000 meter drop to our left. My eyes do not leave the stone steps - each foot step is a calculated risk... This goes on and on... there is infact a photograph of Seamus and our guide pointing down the valley - not sure if it is up yet - but what is not apparent from the picture is that Seamus is dangling his legs over a massive drop. It is at this point we hear a car !!! At the very top of the mountain is a road that will take us all the way to Santa Terrasa.

We get to the top by about lunchtime and wasting no time we press on...

... we eventually make it by 17h30... pay our guide handsomely and say goodbye. Then out of no where two blond girls turn up and tell us they are staying in a hostel round the corner. We decide this is were we will camp for the night. The hostel is somewhat basic but fully functional.

We sit down with the two blonds that have now multiplied into 4 and have a few drinks. Then again, as if by magic an entire van full of Gringo´s arrive - pitch tents and descend the hostel for drinks.

Seamus and I spend the evening getting drunk with an Irish guy and his girlfriend as well as their Belgium girly friend.

Eventually we stumble to be as we intend to get up and out of town before everyone else tomorrow - to get a head start...

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You are both whimps. Letting girls out climb you!
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You are both whimps. Letting girls out climb you!


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