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Friday 24th September

26 Sep 2004, Paddy

Woke up late - all 3 of us hung over - but today we have a plan. We intend to take the bus to Tambonachey then trek back from there via Pukapukara, Qnqo then on to Saqsawoman - or sexy woman as it is better known as ;-)

Tambonachey & Pukapukara where quite good - lots of cool photos - some of which have been on the site for a while now. Then the walk back down to the other two sites - 10 kms by road but Seamus spots an opportunity to cut this down by well over half - walk in a straight line over fields, rocks and through woods.

Actually I think we missed Qnqo but sexy woman was quite impressive though let down by the shear volume of human traffic passing through. Great views over Cusco.

Next we take a Taxi to the bus station to arrange the bus journey to Qualabamba. We are told that some kind of protest is organized for tomorrow so we will have to wait until Sunday before we can travel.

Then it is back to the hostel so Hanneke can arrange her self for her trek to Machu Picchu.

All done, we then head on out to the fountain in the main square to meet the Irish couple from last night as they suggested we all go to a great Italian place they know - we are all fed up with Chicken and Potatoes.

Finally it is back to the hostel with great plans for tomorrow...

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