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For the love of duneboarding

06 Oct 2004, Seamus

10am seemed to take an age to come around, but when it did, Paddy, myself and our two new dune boarding buddies Laura and Helen, where ready to spend the the morning scaling the immense dunes in the buggy and decending only with a plank of wood strapped to our feet.

The morning went as predicted. The hash sun meant our water was drunk pretty quick but the sun cream lathered on kept us from turning into potatoe chips. Although the boards were only roughly shaped pieces of plywood, and the straps were just a crappy system of velcro, it worked – kind of. The trick seemed to be to turn as little as possible and stay on a toe turn or just point the board straight down the dune.

Enevitably, we ended up being covered in sand. In our hair, in our mouths and stuck on every exposed bit of skin – and quite a bit that wasn't too exposed. The last run was the biggest, a dune at least 100m high. Without exception, we all had our best run of the day. Laura picking up a huge amount of speed and narrowly missing me only after I had dived dramtatically out of the way. Did I mention that fine directional control is not an option?

What can I say about the rest of the afternoon? Not a lot really. Lunch by the lagoon at at Café Moron – I kid you not. The food lived upto the name. Post lunch Paddy and I headed for the showers, then the hammocks by the BBQ and pool.

The evening was rounded off nicely with another BBQ and some light drinking (just enough so that the all night party didn't keep us awake)

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