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Bus(es) from Lima to Nazca

04 Oct 2004, Seamus

The plan was simple. Get up, get a packed lunch, get to Nazca.

Getting up was simple, getting lunch was a breeze, quick trip to the supermecardo that was celebrating its 2nd birthday. Balloons everywhere and the staff were wearing pointy party hats.

Laden down with food and drinks for our eights hours of bus journeys, we retreaded back to the hostel, by was of the local arts and crafts market, where we picked up two fabric bags. We had decided that for the last few days of our adventure, backpacks were not needed. Essential items into the fabric bags and a massive reduction in weight.

The receptionist at the Hostel wrote down the location of the bus depot we needed to go to and getting there was a breeze. "Two tickets to Nazca please."

"We don't go there. Get to Ica and then get another bus."

Joy. 4 hours later and two movies that would have been watchable if in English, we arrived in Ica. The scenery en route had been one of dessert, sand dunes and maniac driving.

Walking randomly and then with a bit more purpose eventually brought us to a bus that was about to leave for Nazca. Desperately needing the little boys room, I only just made it back to the bus before it revved its engine and was off. Paddy and I were in the jump seats right at the front of the bus, next to the driver. This meant having to get up and contort myself into positions fit for yoga masters whenever somebody got on of off the bus, which was frequent.

The advantage of being right in the front was the view and it was magnificent. As the sun set over the dunes and mountains, you realised that Peru has many sides to it. This moonscape by the sea up to the jungles and mountains of the Andes.

That whimsical moment was shattered the moment we got off the bus. Hordes of toutes for hostels mobbed us, or should I say me. I was the one holding the guide book. Paddy stepped back and laughed. Eventually we accepted overtures from somebody whose hotel was in the guide book and we were whisked away by car.

Two minutes after checking in, we had been signed up for a morning flight over the Nazca lines and a tour to the Cemetery of Chauchilla.

Enough for one day, time for bed.

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