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A Grey Day in Lima

18 Sep 2004, Paddy

Got up around 11h00 and set out to look for breakfast. We found this little place that served a very nice noodle soup (as it turns out noodle soup will become quite a common theme over the next few days) followed by Chicken and rice. Not bad.

Next stop, an internet café to get the travelblog up and running properly. As I walk in the radio is playing "Duel" by Propaganda - great song - who said South America was behind the times ;-)

As it turns out we spend most of the afternoon here as Seamus has quite a bit to do to get things up and running correctly. For want of something to listen to while here I download Meat loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell" from the iTunes music store. I also manage to download Duran Duran's performance on Top Of The Pops the other night from some dodgy Italian fan site.

At 21h30 tonight we are due to catch a bus to Ayacucho (page 241 of the lonely planet guide) - journey time 10 hrs ! Not sure what to expect from the bus. The poster shows a nice luxury Vanhool but all the buses I've seen out on the streets today appear to date back to some antediluvian age. I'd be happy with something in between.

Looks like rain outside, I hope the weather improves .

Working on the blog @ a local Internet Cafe

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