Thieving little curly haired scum bag......

07 Oct 2004 | Seamus
The day started well. Leisurely get-up. Hot shower. Quick trip into Ica to get some cash. Say goodbye to our new friends. Get all our stuff nicked.
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For the love of duneboarding

06 Oct 2004 | Seamus
10am seemed to take an age to come around, but when it did, Paddy, myself and our two new dune boarding buddies Laura and Helen, where ready to spend the the morning scaling the immense dunes in the buggy and decending only with a plank of wood strapped to our feet.
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Escape from Nazca into Boogie Nights

05 Oct 2004 | Seamus
At eight o'clock, Paddy and I were sitting in the hotel reception waiting for our ride to the airport. Eight o'clock sharp, we were told, and no breakfast. At eight fifteen, our ride arrived. This should have been a hint of what was to come.
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Bus(es) from Lima to Nazca

04 Oct 2004 | Seamus
The plan was simple. Get up, get a packed lunch, get to Nazca. Getting up was simple, getting lunch was a breeze, getting to Nazca, well...
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Flight to freedom

03 Oct 2004 | Seamus
Hanneka woke us up at 7am to say goodbye. By the time we got back to bed, we had flown over the Andes back to Lima and eaten far too many burgers.
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Life on a limb up a mountain to Santa Terrasa

01 Oct 2004 | Paddy
Up at 0600 & the girls have already gone to school - remember, this family live way way up on the side of a very steep mountain. What Seamus and I did yesterday these girls do twice a day !!!
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You must got a Travel agent help there, is not expensive, and very helpful, I got one, I got very nice stay there.

You are both whimps. Letting girls out climb you!

I've got to agree, I love the stuff! In fact I've had friends bring me some bottles back from LA!! Make sure to try it!! Oh yeah, and the Pisco Sour.

How is it possible that you can eat so many burgers in Puru!? Did you see Elvis whilst you were there too? ;-)

As I was reading your coments about Ayacuho I noticed you had good time,just one thing you must be wrong in the name of the pant for the tea is not cocoa ,it is coca and the name of the herbal tea is "mate de coca"